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Technological advances in food safety

Consumer needs and wants are rapidly evolving, requiring technological advancements to meet market demands while delivering food safety assurances to consumers, the food industry and supporting agencies. Technological solutions enhance food safety protocols and make it faster, more accurate, and more efficient to conduct inventory, auditing, training and keep food safe. This sub-theme aims at highlighting novel technologies, technological innovations, and improvements in traditional technologies applied in food processing and preservation, food packaging, food safety monitoring, food system implementation and food testing. The application of digital technologies, artificial intelligence, robotics, smartphones apps, GPS, non-thermal innovations, natural antimicrobials, 3D printing, automation, rapid kits, food sensors, etc. to enhance food safety in Africa are welcome. This session encourages discussion around discovery, invention, innovation and diffusion as processes to technological advances. Presentations on emerging food safety challenges associated with advanced technologies and novel foods are also of significant interest to this sub-theme.