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Food safety policies and regulations in Africa

Ensuring food safety and minimizing risks require good governance systems for both the formal and informal sectors. However, food safety governance is undermined by the existence of outdated and fragmented legislation, multiple jurisdictions, and weaknesses in surveillance, monitoring and enforcement. Africa’s food safety system also faces challenges such as weak institutional capacity (technical, financial, infrastructure and human resources) and weak coordination among various institutions. There is limited knowledge about standards, regulations and recommended good practices among various value chain actors. This aggravates the challenges of food safety management and governance. This sub-theme welcomes contributions that highlight the importance of good food safety governance along food value chains; opportunities that exist in the development, adaptation, implementation, harmonization and enforcement of food safety standards and regulations; risk-based approach to developing national food safety standards, regulations, policies and laws; improving enforcement of regulations in the informal food sector; food safety issues related regional and international trade; successful models for improving coordination, implementation and enforcement of policies and laws and strengthening stakeholder participation and engagement in development and implementation of food safety standards.