ACAFP 2023 starts on 12th December 2023.

Theme: Towards a safer food supply for Africa

Prof. Joseph Odumeru

Dear Delegates

It is indeed a pleasure to welcome all delegates to the second ACAFP Conference on Food Safety in Africa scheduled for Dec 12 – 14, 2023 in Accra, Ghana. This is an in-person conference for 100 plus participants from Africa and around the world including food safety professionals from industry, research, and academia; policy makers and regulators; food value chain actors such as farmers, processors, traders and consumers; students; development partners; and all persons interested in protecting the food supply. The conference will benefit Africa as a whole, as well as government departments, regulatory bodies, farmers, processors, traders, students, academia, researchers, other food safety professionals and the public. This will be the second biennial conference being organised by ACAFP and partners with the aim of improving food safety and quality in Africa. The immediate benefit will be learning together through knowledge exchange in key areas of food safety and nutrition which supports the AU’s Malabo Declaration of Ending Hunger by 2025 as well as Sustainable Development Goal 2 of Zero Hunger by 2030.  The ACAFP conference also provides avenues for networking with professionals outside of Africa to broaden the sources of talents (knowledge base) needed to address food safety issues.

Hosting an in-person Conference on Food Safety in Africa is one of the top goals and objectives of ACAFP and the Board of Directors of the organization are very happy to partner with African Union Commission (AUC), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and International Association of Food Protection (IAFP) in hosting this important and valuable Conference on Food Safety in Africa. The conference theme is “Towards a Safer Food Supply for Africa” and 5 subthemes that address this theme. We are very confident that the excellent scientific and food safety policy-based content of the conference proceedings including technological advancements will contribute to the current and future Food Safety initiatives in Africa. We welcome delegates across the continent of Africa and outside the continent and exhibitors to participate in our second food safety conference in Africa. We look forward to your participation in the presentations, posters, and exhibition of food safety technologies and products, and exchange of scientific and policy related information on food safety in Africa.

With Best Regards Joseph A. Odumeru Ph.D. President ACAFP and Chair Conference Organizing Committee


Welcome/ Goodwill Message from the Chair of the Local Organizing Committee for the 2nd ACAFP Conference

Excellences, distinguished guest, delegates, colleagues, distinguished ladies and gentlemen

It gives me great pleasure as, Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee of the 2nd ACAFP  Conference, themed “Safer Food Supply for Africa”, from 12 to 14th of December, to welcome you to Accra.

This conference is being organized at the behest of the African Continental Association for Protection, an affiliate of the International Association or Food Protection. We will be welcoming between 100-150 participants from Africa and around the world that will include food safety professionals from industry, research, and academia as well as policy makers and regulators. Additionally, we expect the participation of food value chain actors, students, processors, consumers, and development partners.

As the Local Organizing Committee, we have taken all possible steps to ensure that all participants will enjoy their stay and have a memorable conference experience. I am very confident that this 2nd conference, on food safety issues in Africa, will rise to the occasion by coming out with far-reaching positive outcomes contributing to nutritious and safer food production, distribution, and consumption in Africa.

Keynote Speakers

John Osei Frimpong

 Hon. John Osei Frimpong

Chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Food, Agriculture and Cocoa Affairs, Ghana


Prof. Adewale Olusegun OBADINA

Department of Food Science and Technology, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Dr Irene Akpeokhai, Regional Technical Director, GB Food Africa

Dr Irene Akpeokhai,

Regional Technical Director, GB Food Africa

Prof Paul

 Prof Paul Amuna

Affiliation: Associate Professor of Public Health Nutrition, Department of Family and Community Health, Fred N. Binka School of Public Health, University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ho. Ghana.

Other Speakers


 Dr. Blaise Ouattara,

Food Safety and Quality Officer, FAO Regional Office for Africa


Ms. Lusubilo Witson Mwamakamba

Technical Officer for Food Safety, WHO Regional Office for Africa


 Isaac Briandt Gokah

Specialist, Regional Food Trade and Resilience, AGRA, Nairobi, Kenya


Sub-theme 1

Innovative capacity-building approaches to food safety in Africa

Sub-theme 2

Integration of food safety with food and nutrition security in Africa

Sub-theme 3

Implementing one health approach for food safety in Africa

Sub-theme 4

Food safety policies and regulations in Africa

Sub-theme 5

Technological advances in food safety

The 2nd ACAFP Food Safety Conference for Africa

Food safety is becoming more important in national, regional and international trade. Food safety is a responsibility for all, and it has a great impact on social wellbeing of the people and economic development of Africa. Promoting food safety in food systems impacts greatly on the protection of consumers against unsafe foods. In Africa, food shortages and affordability are two common factors leading many to sleep hungry and consuming unsafe food. Compromising food safety has led to increase in the burden of food borne diseases in Africa.

The recognition of the importance of food safety in Africa has led to the development of the Food Safety Strategy of Africa (FSSA) 2022-2036 that provide a harmonized framework to implement activities that mitigate various food safety threats that negatively impact consumers’ health. This strategy is in line with the vision of the WHO Global Strategy for Food Safety 2022-2030 of ensuring that all people, everywhere, consume safe and healthy food so as to reduce the burden of foodborne diseases.  The FSSA strategy supports the access to the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), which emphasises compliance with food safety requirements for intra and inter-regional trade. To gain access to regional and international markets African products must comply with the food safety regulations and standards. Hence, it is vital to promote food safety in Africa with emphasis on the right to safe and nutritious food.

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